Why Milk with Honey is Delicious and Nutritious

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Nothing goes better together than milk and honey. Milk itself is a rich source of calcium, vitamins, and lactic acid. It is a great way to start a day, and snack between meals. Honey is also rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes.

Milk with honey is a combination that will have the day started right, ensuring that the body is provided with the nutrients needed for proper functioning. Plus, it is a delicious treat any time of day.


Calcium, the major nutrient found in milk, is essential for bone health. It helps to prevent osteoporosis and brittle bones during the aging process. The calcium found in traditional dairy milk can sometimes be quite difficult to absorb. However, honey contains a compound that actually triggers absorption of calcium into the bloodstream.

So milk with honey creates a powerful combination that work together to help the body absorb the daily value requirements of calcium. There are also many other great benefits to having milk and honey together.

Remedy for Insomnia

Insomnia sufferers have long been aware of the power of a glass of warm milk to aid in sleepiness. Adding a teaspoon or so of honey to a glass of milk helps relieve stress and prevent sleeplessness. Together milk and honey are a natural remedy for insomnia. Plus it makes a great midnight snack!

Healthy Gastrointestinal Tract

Milk with honey also helps improve digestion health. It both detoxifies the body and helps regulate the digestive system. Bifidobacteria are bacteria found in milk products that promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract. Honey with its vitamins, enzymes, and sugars can actually promote the growth of these healthy bacteria. Having milk with honey will stimulate bifidobacteria growth and ensure that these essential bacteria will be strong and active in the body.

Skin Health

It may sound wild, but daily consumption of milk helps to rid the body of dead skin cells. Milk promotes a more youthful and glowing skin. Honey contains oligosaccharides that aid cell regeneration, which keeps the skin wrinkle free. Together milk with honey significantly enhances the health and appearance of the skin. Many people also enjoy a milk and honey bath that will keep the skin soft and resilient. Plus it creates the perfect end to a stressful day.

Energy and Stamina

Energy and stamina are also benefits of milk with honey. The sugars in honey are absorbed quickly, making an almost instantaneous energy boost. In contrast, milk breaks down more slowly, causing more long term energy spurts. Together they provide a combination of energy that lasts for some time, without a sugar crash. This combination is a natural choice for children and adults alike, and tastes so much better than most of the energy drinks on the market.

Whether cooking with milk and honey or creating a drink from them, the combination really gives valuable nutrition and benefits to the mind and body. And because it is so delicious and nutritious, it is a guilt-free pleasure that you can drink in between meals or whenever you want a relaxing moment.

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