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There are many reasons why someone uses milk substitutes in the diet. Even though milk is full of nutritious elements such as protein, calcium, and vitamins, many people will not or cannot comfortably consume it.

People such as vegans do not consume any foods that are animal products or by-products. Others, have are lactose intolerance, in which the body cannot properly digest the lactose that is found in milk. However, there are several milk substitutes that are delicious and contain much of the same nutritional value of traditional dairy milk.

Almond milk is made by grinding almonds and combining this water. Almond milk is loaded with protein and contains no saturated fats. It is so popular because it has a mild taste and is easy to digest. Almond milk also has many health benefits such as promoting digestive health, lowering blood sugar, and providing the body with energy. It is readily available at most grocery stores, both in regular, sweetened, and flavored varieties. However, you can easily make almond milk at home using fresh almond, water, and a little patience.

As one would imagine, almond milk has a very “nutty” taste that tastes great in between meals. Many people like sweetened or flavored almond milk, which adds a pleasant element to the beverage. Almond milk can be used in place of milk in most circumstances, and are especially tasty in cereals, cookies, and creamy desserts.

Soy milk is another popular milk substitute with high protein content. It is known to reduce the bad cholesterol in the body and promote heart health. Though it can be as nutritious as milk, soy beans themselves are a huge allergen. Many people have to stay away from both dairy milk and soy milk in order to ensure they do not suffer the consequences of an allergic reaction. However, if soy milk is able to be consumed, it offers high quality carbohydrates, vitamins, and proteins for the body.

Soy milk comes in many varieties of flavors. Some prefer the flavored soy milk, as it gives it an easier taste for consumption. Soy milk can be used instead of milk in many recipes, especially creamy sauces or savory gravies.

Grain milks are steadily gaining ground as a milk substitute. There are several different kinds on the market today including rice, oat, rye, or wheat milk. Grain milks are similar to cow’s milk but they do not usually contain as much protein. Grain milks usually have to be fortified with vitamins to compete with the nutritional content of other milk substitutes; however, it is a good choice for those with milk or soy allergies.

Rice milk in particular is a very popular choice among those looking for milk substitutes. It is often sweetened with sugar or vanilla abstract to make it easier to drink. It is said that vanilla-flavored rice milk has the most “milk” like taste of all milk substitutes. However, when sugar and flavoring is added, so is fat and calories, so be sure to pay attention the sugar and calorie content of such milks.

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