Negative Effects of Vodka

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Alcohol such as Vodka is quite enticing as it causes intoxication. In moderation, a drink or two of Vodka occasionally could potentially be cause for a great time, however, with all alcohol, Vodka can cause problems rather quickly if addiction and irresponsibly set it.

Alcohol addiction can set in quite quickly. The most common signs of alcohol addiction are restlessness that only alcohol can calm, paranoia, anger, and severe flu-like symptoms when one goes too long without a drink. The negative effects of Vodka are numerous and can affect a person whether they admit to being addicted or not.

Liver Disease

The most devastating effects of alcohol on the body are cirrhosis of the liver, also known as liver disease. Alcoholic hepatitis is another form of liver disease that causes the liver to become inflamed and weak. Short term symptoms of this condition are jaundice, pain, nausea, and fever. However, if left unchecked, liver disease will lead to liver malfunction, and even death.

Heart Disease and Cancer

Vodka and other alcohol abuse will gradually increase one’s risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. These serious conditions can lead to crippling illness and death. Alcohol consumption also causes to high blood pressure which can lead to stroke or heart attacks.

Brain Damage

Vodka and alcohol abuse can cause the loss of brain cells, which cannot be replaced or grow back. Excessive consumption of Vodka over time can begin to wreak havoc on the nerves, motor functions, and even speech. Brain damage has already set in once people begin to see the symptoms such as low concentration, delayed reaction time, and poor dexterity. Eventually, most motor skill and control functions will be impaired, including bladder and bower control.

Effects on Sleep

Though many may argue that alcohol has the potential to put them to sleep, frequent use actually causes the opposite to begin to happen. Those who abuse Vodka and alcohol begin to lose both the quality and duration of sleep. There are many reports as disturbing dreams and nightmares associated with alcohol abuse. Without sleep, daily activities tend to be less successful.


Vodka’s diuretic properties can result in severe dehydration, which may take a trip to the hospital to correct. Extreme dehydration can result in muscle injuries and other risks for the bodies. Without proper hydration, vital body systems will begin to shut down and could result in rapid crippling or death. Athletes who abuse alcohol are at an increased of muscle injuries, fatigue, and poor appetite when dehydration sets in.

Alcohol of any kind, including Vodka, in excess can lead to alcohol poisoning, which is deadly. The responsible thing to do is to enjoy Vodka in moderation, when it is responsible to do so. Understanding the risks that one takes by consuming alcohol, may help deter people from a life of alcohol dependency. It is just not worth the risk to the body and mind to consume alcohol in excess.

Stay healthy and avoid the potential dangers of alcohol altogether!

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