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In recent times, the drink market has been ravished with healthy all-natural drinks and energy shots. However, there has always been a drink that has the natural nourishment that really “does a body good”.

Most people are aware of the nutritious milk benefits. What some people may not know is how to make sure that one is getting enough of the milk that he or she needs. Unlike these so-called healthy drinks, milk does not contain any sugar, artificial flavoring or ingredients, or caffeine. Milk offers refreshing beverage that is as nutritious as it is delicious.

Benefits of Milk

  • Nutrients
  • Stronger Bones
  • Weight Maintenance


Milk is brimming with necessary vitamins and minerals such as calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorous. The combination of these nutrients is good for the bones and teeth; they also encourage the health of muscles and blood vessels.

Milk is the natural and healthy choice for those wanting a better choice over the typical energy drinks and vitamin waters. Along with the vitamins and minerals that aid in bone and muscle health, carbohydrates and proteins are also found in a balanced proportion within milk. If you are on a diet, or watching caloric intake, milk is just as delicious and nutritious in lower fat or fat-free varieties.

Stronger Bones

Nearly 99 percent of the body’s calcium in stored in the bones and teeth. Because of this, milk’s calcium content will boost the body’s calcium in the body, improving bone density. Brittle bones from lack of calcium can cause fractures, breaks, and osteoporosis — all are serious and painful conditions that can potentially be prevented.

Adults over 30 are especially susceptible to low bone density as the body begins to draw the calcium and other minerals from the bones to aide in other body functions. Therefore, it is recommended that adults over 30 continue to consume calcium-rich milk throughout their lives.

Weight Maintenance

Milk benefits are not limited to stronger bones and teeth. People who incorporate milk into their diets tend to be leaner than non-milk drinkers. Milk is a wholesome beverage that can replace sugary and empty caloric drinks and sodas. Since milk contributes to overall body health, it will naturally lead to greater mobility and a healthier outer body. Drinking lower fat or fat free milk can be even better for the weight conscience person. You can get all of the vitamins, minerals, and protein of milk without the added fat.

How Much Milk Should I Drink?

You can get the best milk benefits when incorporated regularly throughout the day. Doctors recommend three eight-ounce glasses of milk per day to really take advantage of all that milk has to offer. These three glasses of milk will provide 100 percent of the daily recommended calcium and 75 percent of the daily recommendation of vitamin D. You also have access to high daily percentages of other nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin B12.

Since milk is 90 percent water, it also provides the hydration that the body depends on for proper function, energy, and stability.

Incorporating Milk into the Day

There may be some people that have difficulty drinking three glasses of milk a day. However, there are some simple ways to sneak milk into the diet every day:

  • Eat cereal with milk for breakfast.
  • Drink milk as a snack.
  • Drink of a cup of milk to stave off hunger.
  • Drink milk for dessert.
  • Use milk as a midnight snack.

Starting your day with a big bowl of cereal with a cup of milk, will start off the day with the energy and nutrition you need. Milk is also known to help calm hunger pains, and can be a great snack for someone that does not have time to sit down for a meal, or for those who are watching what they eat.

Drinking a cold refreshing milk could help keep your diet in check, while providing nutrients that makes the body healthy. Milk is a great snack for any time. Use it as a dessert after dinner, or before going to bed.

Following these little tips will ensure that the getting the milk benefits of three glasses of milk a day is a piece of cake.

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