Health Benefits of Yogurt

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Everyone is familiar with yogurt. It is a popular destination in any grocery store dairy section. The TV airways are constantly littered with various yogurt commercials offering information about its body health benefits. For all pretenses and purposes, yes yogurt is a great food that can be healthy and helpful to the body.

When not loaded with sugar, yogurt is a delicious way to consume valuable nutrients and control your weight. The following will allow people to explore the health benefits of yogurt and what makes this yummy food so good for the body.

What is Yogurt?

Yogurt is made by fermenting whole milk just like sour cream or cottage cheese. Yogurt contains much less fat than sour cream, making it a healthy choice for anyone looking for a snack or dessert. To make yogurt, active bacteria is added to milk, usually that of a cow but goat milk yogurt is quickly gaining popularity. Depending on the fat content of the yogurt, it will achieve a particular grade just as regular milk does. Most people are familiar with the yogurts with added fruits, sugar, and flavoring, but plain yogurt is popular among those people looking for nutrition without the added sugar and fat. Frozen yogurt is a delicious way to enjoy yogurt and avoid the calories and fat of ice cream.

Greek yogurt has become a phenomenon lately for good reason. Greek yogurt is creamier than traditional yogurt. It offers a smoother texture due to its higher fat content. Other than the texture, Greek yogurt usually offers the same health benefits of its traditional counterparts.

Health Benefits of Yogurt

The live bacteria in yogurt are probably the greatest health benefit it offers. The boy needs to maintain a certain level of good bacteria in the intestines to help digest foods and ward off illness. Most yogurts contain these good bacteria which helps keep the digestive system running smoothly. Regularly eating yogurt keeps the digestive system running regularly and helps to reduce the symptoms of cramping, diarrhea, gas, and constipation. Studies have also shown that frequent consumption of yogurt can keep bile from the liver from turning into dangerous carcinogens.

Yogurt is also a great source of proteins, which are essential to muscle function. Protein is the building blocks of the body and is needed in just about every function the body performs. Plus, a diet heavy with protein can help curb an appetite, making a great weight loss agent. It is proven that eating yogurt helps you feel fuller longer. Therefore it makes a great snack in-between meals or as a dessert.

You can also derive calcium from yogurt. In fact, the lactic acid in yogurt actually enhances the absorption of calcium in the body. Therefore, people at high risk for osteoporosis such as women and the elderly, are often instructed to include yogurt into their diet regularly.

Overall, yogurt is a delicious and easy way to get the vitamins and other nutrient the body needs to perform properly. It may just be the perfect food!

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