Health Benefits of White Tea

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White tea comes from the same plant as green and black tea, the camellia sinensis. Many people prefer the lighter taste of white tea, and enjoy its health benefits.

People have been consuming white tea for its healing effects for hundreds of years, and has only recently been introduced to the western world. Health benefits of white tea include:

  • Weight loss
  • Skin health
  • Protection against diseases

Weight Loss

Drinking white tea can help the body control blood cholesterol, which is one of the major factors in obesity and heart conditions. Studies have shown that white tea extract actually inhibits the growth of fat cells in the body. This enables the white tea drinker to be leaner on average than the non white tea drinker. Many people incorporate the drink into a healthy diet along with exercise. This combination helps white tea drinkers lose weight and keep it off. Therefore, if you are looking for a beverage to replace sugary sodas and fruit juices, tea is a smart choice that will help the body burn more fat.

Skin Health

The antioxidant properties of white tea help prevent damage to the skin that is caused by prolonged sun exposure. It also protects the skin from damage due to pollution and other toxins in the air. White tea is so helpful in protecting the skin because it boosts the immune system, which can fight any attacks on the body more effectively. Researchers are currently trying to extend the healing affects of white tea by using it as treatment of many forms of skin cancer. They hope that white tea can someday even help with the aging process, as it already helps slow it down for those who drink it daily.

Protection against Diseases

White tea is also known for its keeping the heart healthy. It helps to thin the blood, which can help lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. Drinking two or three cups a day of white tea can continue to keep arteries clear and the heart healthy. White tea also is good for the bones and teeth. It contains fluoride and other materials that nourish the bones and promote health gums and teeth. It has also been known to help with the affects of arthritis as well.

Drinking white tea everyday can also help diabetics or pre-diabetics control blood sugar levels, which helps to significantly reduce the devastating consequences of diabetes. It can also alleviate stress and increase energy, making it a great substitute for high-cost energy drinks that contain sugar and other questionable ingredients.

Many people enjoy the light, crisp taste of white tea; however, some people prefer to sweeten or flavor white tea, which is a choice that is left up to the consumer. Sweetener such as honey can enhance the taste of white tea as well offer the health benefits attributed to honey. Just be aware of the sugar content of any sweetener of flavoring, as it could be making a fresh cup of white tea quite unhealthy.

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