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There are many reasons to drink tea. First of all, the scent and warmth of a fresh cup of tea really helps to start the day, or help one settle down at the end of a long day. However, tea offers more than just a good taste and pleasant aroma; there are also many health benefits of tea! Read on to find out more of the health benefits of tea.

Tea contains antioxidants

Tea contains antioxidants that protect the body from aging the effects of pollution. Many people are hearing “antioxidants” and often wonder where to get these naturally, and tea is a good stop. Tea contains antioxidants that are not fortified, meaning they are there naturally and are untouched by human hands.

Tea has less caffeine than coffee

Many people believe that tea has as much caffeine as coffee. This is not true. In fact tea has only about one-third of the caffeine found in the same amount of coffee. Many people decide to switch from coffee to tea because coffee gives them the jitters, headaches, or insomnia. Tea is a delightful substitute that can fit one’s need for a hot beverage.

Tea helps prevent heart attacks

Studies have shown that tea may decrease one’s chances of a heart attack or stroke. Studies have been shown that drinking tea regularly helps keep arteries free from clogs, reducing blood clots from cholesterol and blood platelets from forming.

Tea is good for the bones and teeth

Studies have shown that people who regularly drink tea for 10 years or more tend to have stronger bones than those that do not. The reason for this is said to be the phytochemicals found in most teas. Tea also contains fluoride, which strengthens teeth and keeps plaque build-up to a minimum.

Tea boosts the immune system

Tea drinkers can delight in the fact that they are helping the body fight off infection. Tea drinkers tend to have higher immune system activity than those of non-drinkers. Tea has also been linked to cancer prevention. These antioxidants, or polyphenols, are hailed for their cancer fighting effects.

Tea keeps the body hydrated

Research has shown that even though tea contains small amounts of caffeine, it still contributes to the fluid needs of the body. Tea becomes more of a diuretic after drinking five or six cups of the caffeinated drink at a time—a feat most people cannot accomplish at one time!

Tea can help with weight loss

Tea naturally does not have any calories. Calories are added through sweeteners or milk, however, if drank plain, tea can be a weight loss tool that keeps the body hydrated and feeling full. Replacing sugary sodas with tea could have the results of losing one pound a week or more!

Tea has also been shown to increase the metabolism. In this way, the health-conscience drinker can potentially burn 70 to 80 more calories per day. Simply adding a few cups of tea to the diet a day could result to up to 10 extra pounds lost in one year!

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