Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

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Many people may not be familiar with oolong tea, yet it taste wonderful and can provide the body with nutrients and antioxidants that can ward off infections, illnesses, and disease.

Health benefits of oolong tea include preventing heart problems, aiding the body in digestion, reducing cholesterol levels, and improving the skin and teeth.

Oolong tea has a fruity taste and aroma, making it easy to drink and enjoy the benefits. And since it relatively low in caffeine, it can be enjoyed by pregnant and nursing women, or children and the elderly.


Oolong tea is categorized as right in the middle of a black tea and green tea, and therefore provides a more robust and full-bodied flavor than some lighter teas. Oolong tea originates from China nearly 400 years ago, yet it has traveled to the western world where it is a popular choice alternative to other fruity teas.

Oolong tea is naturally rich in anti-oxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamins such as calcium, copper, and potassium top the list of body healthy nutrients found in oolong tea. It also contains the vitamins A, B, C, E, and K along with folic acids that add significantly to the health benefits of the tea. These nutritious properties of oolong tea provide many of the following health benefits:

Staves off obesity

Oolong tea contains a polyphenol compound that is effective in boosting the fat metabolism in the body. Oolong tea activates specific enzymes which enhances the vital functions of the fat cells of the body. People who regularly drink oolong tea tend to have a decreased risk of obesity.

Good for the skin and bones

Oolong tea can be a home remedy of several skin ailments such as eczema. When drank regularly, oolong tea can also boost the skin’s appearance and elasticity, keeping it younger looking for longer. Oolong tea also helps with bone growth, reducing the risks of fracture and brittle bones. It also promotes tooth health as the antioxidants present in the tea protect against tooth decay. Treatment of Diabetes: Oolong tea is used as an herbal brew for treating type 2 diabetic disorders and as an appendage to other supplementary drugs for treating the disease.

Provides cancer protection

Like many other teas, oolong tea is a great tool for reducing the risk of skin cancer. The polyphenol compounds within the tea also protect against other forms of cancer such as within the stomach and prostate.

Improves mood

Oolong tea can also improve your mood, and even alleviate frequent depression after regular consumption. Studies conducted in Japan have shown that depression levels were lowered up to 20% percent in participants who began drinking two to three cups of oolong tea per day. Not only does it help with depression, it can also increase focus and concentration.

Drinking oolong tea sure has the health benefits, but what’s more is the incredible taste and delightful aroma that fills the room every time one brews a cup. It is the perfect start or end of any day.

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