Health Benefits of Juices: Can it Replace the Real Thing?

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Drinking raw vegetable or fruit juices offer many health benefits and are essential for a balanced diet. Juices can help you improve health, or keep you strong and energetic.

The most effective way to gain all of the nutrients of fruits and vegetables is to consume them as close to natural form as possible. That is why, when at all possible, it is important to juice your own fruits and vegetables.

Most people drink juice because they have trouble meeting the daily requirements of fruits and vegetables. Studies show that while juices provide many nutritious vitamins and minerals, it does not provide the exact same benefits as eating solid fruits and vegetables. However, if you cannot eat solid fruits and vegetables or do not like to eat them, substituting them with juice provides many health benefits.

Since less than a quarter of adults meet the daily recommended requirements for fruit and vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices have become quite popular. It is a fast and easy way to enjoy many of the same benefits of the fruits and vegetables themselves. Some people even go as far as to replace their entire diet of fruit and vegetables with their juices.

Juice is a great source of nutrients including vitamin C, beta-carotene, B family of vitamins, and potassium. It also offers powerful antioxidants that the body uses for system functions. Without the healing powers of fruit and vegetable juice, the body does not have access to these nutrients which can lead to heart disease, cancers, eye and skin problems, and reduced brain function. Though many nutrients are found in the peel of the fruit or vegetable that does not make it into juice, one is still getting vitamins and minerals that they would otherwise be without. Plus juices are a better alternative to supplements in pill or injection form, not to mention a lot cheaper!

When starting on a fresh juice regimen, it is a good idea to mix it up a bit. Do not rely only on vegetable or fruit juice exclusively. Alternate the types of juices daily, or combine them for an even extra nutrition. There are also several juice drinks on the market that have already done the hard work of juicing the fruits and vegetables and blending them together. All one has to do is drink the product. It couldn’t be easier to stay healthy and strong!

An additional benefit to drinking juices is weight loss and weight management. Fruit and vegetable juices do not contain fat and are typically low calorie. Plus, most juices contain high amounts of fiber, which allows one to feel fuller for longer periods of time. This feeling of being full can help reduce the temptation to snack or overeat at meals.

Juices are extremely healthy, but they can never take the place of the solid fruit or vegetable, therefore it is still important to include fresh servings of both everyday for meals and as snacks.

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