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Most people have heard of the healing qualities of green tea. It has been the most popular drink in the Far East for thousands of years, yet today it is enjoyed all over the year.

Green tea can help the body boost its immune system, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduces the risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s. The health benefits of green tea are endless. This wonder-drink is also a great weight loss tool for those looking for a healthy drink.

The antioxidants found in green tea have been linked breast cancer cell destruction. This means that green tea may soon be the link in finding a permanent cure for the disease. The antioxidant appears to block the growth of the cancerous cells by starving them of nutrients. Researchers are also close to proving that green tea also thwarts off skin cancer as well. When drank every day, green tea can provide a whole host of life-saving health benefits.

Polyphenols are the name of the antioxidants found in green tea. These antioxidants are found in other fruits, vegetables, and oils, but are abundant in green tea leaves. Polyphenols help flush out toxins in the body caused by pollution, chemicals, and stress. In addition, green tea boosts the immune system, allowing the body to successfully fight off infections, viruses, and illness.

When consumed in moderation, green tea can help treat a number of infections and diseases. Not only can it strengthen the immune system, it helps keep the arteries clear of cholesterol — reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Green tea abstract itself is often used to make antioxidant supplements, so drinking it in a simple form will help the body use it more effectively.

People find switching to green tea simple and inexpensive. Green tea is readily available at any grocery retailer and is relatively cheap compared to the cost of coffee and sugary drinks. Green tea is also low in caffeine, which is perfect for drinking at night, as it will not keep one awake. Sugary drinks lead to obesity and diabetes; however, drinking green tea can help combat these conditions when incorporated into a healthful diet.

The taste of green tea takes some getting used to, but there are varieties and flavors that make it much easier to drink. However, be warned that sweeteners and flavoring will add calories and sugar content to the drink, defeating the purpose of switching to green tea. Healthy choices for flavors include mint, jasmine, ginger, or tea. These items do not have as many calories and have their own healing properties.

People who incorporate green tea into their diet tend to weigh less and have a lowered risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. For only a few cups of green tea daily, you can begin to enjoy the rich health benefits of this super drink right away. Plus, it helps that it tastes and smells great, and is a great way to relax at any time of the day.

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