Health Benefits of Fresh Juice

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Fresh juice is much different than the processed juice found on store shelves. In fact, the health benefits of fresh juice far outnumber those of commercial juice drinks.

Fresh juice provides many of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs for proper function. It can also refresh and invigorate the body, keeping one energized all day long. Though even fresh fruit cannot take the place of eating a solid serving of fruits or vegetables, it still remains a viable substitute for those that are not getting enough of the recommended servings per day. Plus it still offers valuable health benefits over drinking sugary drinks and sodas.

One benefit of drinking fresh juice is the combinations that are available. You can mix many different types of fresh juice for a delicious drink that combines the best of the nutrients from all of the fruits and vegetables in it. You can potentially make a juice blend that can benefit the heart, eyes, kidneys, and digestive system, all by picking and choosing certain types of fruits and vegetables. Many people like to mix vegetables and fruit juices together in order for the drink to be sweeter, and therefore, easier to swallow. Naturally, many people who do not like vegetables are not getting enough of them, and in this way, they can begin to incorporate vegetables into the diet.

Another benefit of fresh juice is that you can get a lot of the nutrients of the fruit or vegetable faster. For example, tomatoes are rich in antioxidants; yet eating just one tomato only provides so much of these nutrients. However, fresh tomato juice may contain four or five tomatoes, meaning that one is consuming much more antioxidants than what you would find in one tomato. Plus, the nutrients are absorbed by the body faster because the juice has already been broken down in the juicing process.

Fresh juices have most of the same vitamins and minerals of its solid counterparts, and therefore offer health benefits associated with individual fruits and vegetables. For example, carrots are high in beta-carotene, a vitamin essential for eye health. Carrot juice can provide this same nutrient, in a convenient and tasty form. Fresh juice drank regularly can help the boy prevent cancer, heart problems, and other diseases. Studies have shown that people who drink fruit and vegetable juices regularly tend to live longer and are sick less-often. Drinking fresh juices regularly keeps you energized, focused, and prepared to fight infections!

One final health benefit of fresh juices is their potential for weight loss. People who drink juices instead of sugar drinks and sodas weigh less and eat better. Fresh juices often contain high amounts of fiber, which help keep people feeling full. This full feeling will keep people from overeating between meals, or overeating during meals.

Fresh juices can also be used as a dessert for the dieter, as it sweet and can be quite creamy. Dieters need not feel guilty for this tasty treat, as it going to keep them thin and healthy!

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