Health Benefits of Coconut Milk

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Coconuts are not only delicious and naturally sweet; this nutritious tropical fruit also contains protein. Along with protein, coconuts also contain essential vitamins such as vitamins A, B, and C.

Many people confuse coconut milk with coconut water; however there is a huge difference. Coconut water is the clear liquid within the fruit; however, coconut milk is made from the meat of the coconut. Coconut milk is made from squeezing this meaty flesh and collecting the milk from it. It can then be used for direct consumption or when cooking.

Coconuts are high in nutritional value and offer many health benefits for the consumer for both the outside and inside of the body. Coconut milk has long been used for antiseptic use of scratches and burns because of its healing dermatologic properties. Coconut oil is also used for facial massages as well as a proven wrinkle reducer. Coconut milk is also being used in shampoos and scalp treatments instead of harmful and irritating chemicals. The vitamins found in coconut provide protection and luster to the hair and skin. Even though coconut provides great skin and hair benefits, the true benefits comes with consumption of the drink.

Coconut milk is delicious and many people are incorporating it into their meals for both taste and functionality. It can be used in place of regular dairy milk in most cases and offers a host of nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and chloride.

People with potassium deficiency often turn to coconut milk as it will help prevent cramps, swelling, and eye problems associated with the deficiency. As for those who have soy or lactose allergies, coconut milk is a great substitution as it provide most of the same vitamins found in soy and diary milk without the health risks.

Coconut milk has been found to treat and relieve sore throats and even stomach ulcers, as it is calming to the body and digestive system. The nutrients in coconut also aid the body in immune system health. Its B vitamins aid in many immune and nervous system functions, keeping the body running smoothly even in the winter months where cold and flu viruses are at their worst. Warming up a mug of coconut milk not only tastes great, it will provide a soothing and inviting aroma, providing a comfortable atmosphere for healing.

Lastly, coconut has been used for weight loss and management. Coconut is naturally low-fat and contains around 60 calories per serving. Drinking coconut milk instead of dairy milk will cut down on the daily fat and caloric intake, allowing the body to drop unwanted pounds and body fat. It is a healthy and nutritious alternative to dairy milk that provides great benefits and a naturally great taste that everyone loves.

In fact, many people are starting to replace high calorie sodas and sugary drinks with coconut as it is satisfyingly sweet, yet healthy. However, with anything containing calories (even as few as coconut milk) it is important to still drink in moderation.

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