Exploring the Health Benefits of Almond Milk

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The health benefits of almond milk outnumber those of other dairy milk alternatives such as rice or coconut milk. For those people who have soy and lactose allergies, almond milk is a delicious and smart choice alternative. Even those people who have a tolerance for soy and lactose, switching to almond milk can provide the body with several key benefits:

  • Weight control
  • Heart health
  • Glucose management
  • Bone and muscle nutrition
  • Skin and eye health

Weight Control

Plain almond milk that does not contain additional sugars or flavorings contains around 60 calories per serving. This low caloric intake is a great option for those that are looking to lose weight or manage a recent weight loss. It is important to note that though almond milk is a nutritious drink for weight control, adding it too sugary cereals or drinking it with high caloric meals will negate the effort putting into drinking healthy.

Heart Health

Almond milk has no cholesterol and contains very little sodium, only about 5mg per serving. Eating foods high in sodium has been linked to high cholesterol and high blood pressure. These dangerous symptoms are the leading cause of heart disease and other heart health issues that prove fatal every day. Instead, a low sodium serving of almond milk can help lower cholesterol and maintain normal blood pressure levels.

Glucose Management

People with diabetes often have to limit milk in their diets due to the higher sugar and carbohydrate content. With only about 8 grams of carbohydrates per serving, almond milk can be a diabetic-friendly option to dairy milk. Plus, the added nutrients found in almond milk will also help reduce the risk of heart health issues and other ailments that are more dangerous in diabetics. As with any drink or foods with carbohydrates, the nutrition of almond milk comes with controlled moderation of servings, as too much could add up to excessive amount of sugars being digested.

Bone and Muscle Nutrition

Almond milk contains 30 percent of the recommended daily value of calcium and 25 percent of vitamin D. These vitamins are critical for building strong bones and maintaining bone density. Since women are especially prone to osteoporosis, incorporating almond milk in the diet can ensure that one is getting the calcium needed for bone health. Almond milk also contains vitamin B in the form of riboflavin, which is essential for muscle health. Iron along with riboflavin helps the muscles of the body to absorb and use protein for energy and repair.

Skin and Eye Health

Almond milk can also helpful in aiding the skin’s appearance as well as eye function. A serving of almond milk contains about 50 percent of the daily value recommendation of vitamin E. Vitamin E regulates vitamin A use which improves skin health and appearance. Drinking almond milk for the levels of vitamin A will ensure that the eyes function properly; as it helps the eyes adjust to fluctuations in light.

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