8 Reasons Why Alcohol is Bad for Me

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I am a staunch opponent of alcohol in any form. The first and last time I drank was a glass of champagne at the age of 18 and I have not had a drop since then. I am now 32 years old and I have refrained from drinking alcohol since that day.

In this article, I will share with you my thoughts that have kept me from drinking alcohol over the years. Or better still, I do not even have a desire to drink.

1. Alcohol – Is Poison!

Yes, that’s right. Alcohol is harmful to the body and is a poison. I am of sound mind and body and I do not want that poison inside of me. I do not want to voluntarily destroy my brain, my liver and other internal organs with this poison.

Would you volunteer to drink a known harmful substance such as rat poison, mixed it with orange juice?

My body – this is the only thing that connects my mind with this physical world. A healthy body allows me to do many things in this life. So why would I deliberately destroy it?

If you were on long road trip, would you knowingly unscrew the bolts from the wheels, break the windows or drain the oil from the car’s engine? That makes no sense!

2. Who is Stronger – Me or the Alcohol?

I do not want alcohol or cigarettes to take control on my life. I want to control my own actions, feelings and thoughts myself. It is obvious that the tradition of drinking alcohol on holidays or having a couple of beers after work inevitability becomes a habit. And then it turns into alcohol dependence, which is a disease known as alcoholism. Personally, I do not want have such a disease – I want to be healthy.

I sympathize with those who are experiencing of the false sense of happiness that comes with trying alcohol for the first time because they are unaware, or don’t care about this sick addiction. And we need have empathy for the sick people 🙂

Therefore, I choose to be stronger than the alcohol.

3. Fake Alcoholic Drinks

Have you heard about acute poisoning from fake alcoholic drinks? Sometimes there are even fatal reactions. Remember the poisoning of the Russian tourists in Turkey, or the recent events in the Czech Republic? How many people die every year from counterfeited alcohol, not reported to the media?

Alcoholic beverages, especially vodka, are often counterfeited. Instead of “harmless” ethyl alcohol it has lethal methyl alcohol.

Personally, I do not want to risk my life for the dubious pleasure of drinking. There are so many other risks in my life that need my attention.

4. Imaginary Freedom from Depression and a Feeling of False Happiness

Why do people drink? I think the main reason is to feel happy at least for a time, or to forget about any problems in their life. But the fact is that when a person sobers up, then all the problems come back again. Alcohol does not eliminate the problem, and often adds new ones.

Why do people feel that they need to drink to be happy? Is it hard to feel the happiness on your own, while sober? Happiness is not out there hiding – it is here and now. I breathe, I live, I see the blue sky and hear the birds singing – all of this has made me happy. I do not need alcohol to feel the happiness of the time, or rather, euphoria, and in the morning to feel nauseous and have a headache.

4. Drunken Driving – A Potential Killer

Do not think we won’t talk about when a drunk driver kills a pedestrian or other drivers. The call “don’t drink and drive” is not valid on a drunk. It is better to not even drink if you do not drive a car. I do not want to become a murderer because of alcohol.



5. Social Degradation

How many normal people become alcoholics and homeless? Alcohol does the job – it makes people sell their belongings and apartments to buy booze. It’s scary and it can happen to anyone who drinks alcohol. Alcohol is known as a softer drug, but the result is always the same – the man can no longer cope with the physical addiction and is morally and socially degraded, if he does not  get help.


6. Domestic Murder and Domestic Violence

I have heard in the news about domestic murders that occur after drinking alcohol. For example, two neighbors drank and one of them stabbed the other with a knife. Would this have happened if they both sat down to drink tea? Possibly, but that situation is very unlikely.

A drunken father or mother is a nightmare to a child. Or what about a drunken husband beating his wife? I do not want to be that kind of husband. I guess no one wants to be. But alcohol causes it.

7. The Rules of Etiquette? To Hell With Them!

I recently learned about a rule of etiquette, If the people around you are drinking and they offer you a drink, you better not refuse a drink, at least a glass of white wine, because it is considered rude if you don’t. What the hell? What if you were offered cocaine, but you’re not a drug addict? Are you expected to, out of courtesy, try some? Or maybe you should at least smoke marijuana out of politeness?

If good manners are placed above the human principles, then to hell with such etiquette! If the people around you are pressuring you and to drink alcohol, then to hell with those people, you don’t need them!

All of my friends know that I do not drink and I’m true to this principle.

8. Don’t Be Like Everyone Else

A morally strong person does not pay attention to the opinions of others. He follows his own principles and isn’t concerned how he looks to others. He is what he is.

Many teenagers or weak people are constantly trying to look like everyone else. If all his friends drink, he drinks too. First, he does not drink because he likes it, but because he does not want to stand out or be mocked. And then it becomes dependent on alcohol to have a good time or to lift his spirits.

I believe that every person on Earth is unique and is not like anyone else. We are all different and it’s wonderful. There is no need to try to be like everyone else, you just need to be yourself. And if your answer is to give up alcohol, then do it for yourself, not for anyone else.

Be a strong person! Be a strong person! Be a strong person!

Vitaliy Kolesnikov My name is . My hobby is taking care of my health and you are reading my website BeveragesAndHealth.com that I created to share with you valuable information about the beverages that bring health benefits and drinks, that I do not recommend to intake.

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