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Coconut milk has become a phenomenon lately. Not only is it a healthy and nutritious drink, it also provides essential vitamins and minerals needed for proper body system functions. Even though many people are making coconut milk a viable milk substitute, there is still some confusion about different aspects of this delicious beverage. The following are seven questions and answers about coconut milk that will provide a better understanding of coconut milk benefits for the body.

1. How does coconut milk improve glucose levels in the body?

Coconut milk contains a viable source of the mineral manganese. Like many grains, legumes, and nuts coconuts are an excellent source of this nutrient. Manganese is essential for blood sugar management, and therefore helps with glucose tolerance.

2. What does coconut milk do for the skin and blood vessels?

Coconut milk can aid in the flexibility and elasticity of skin and blood vessels because of the high copper and vitamin C content. These nutrients are important for most bodily function and can improve the appearance of the skin, hair, and nails.

3. Does coconut milk promote the same amount of bone health as dairy milk?

Coconut milk does not contain much calcium as compared to dairy milk. Instead, coconut is rich in phosphorus which is an essential nutrient that helps strengthen the bones. The two nutrients together are especially effective in promoting bone health.

4. Can coconut milk help prevent anemia?

Iron deficiency often results in a condition known as anemia. This happens when the body does not produce enough hemoglobin to keep sufficient oxygen in red blood cells. Anemia can cause joint damage, weakness, and irreversible damage to blood vessels. Coconut milk contains nearly one quarter of the recommended daily value of iron per serving. Incorporating coconut milk into the diet is the best defense against anemia.

5. How does coconut milk affect the muscles and nerves?

Coconut milk is rich in magnesium and help alleviates muscle cramps or soreness. When magnesium is absent in the body, nerve cells become more active, which makes the body more susceptible to aches and pains. Coconut milk can help assure that these issues do not present themselves, and magnesium levels remain consistent.

6. Is coconut a good choice for weight loss?

Yes, coconut can be very effective in helping one achieve a reasonable weight. Coconut milk is not only low in fat; it also makes the consumer feel fuller between meals because it contains high levels of dietary fiber.

7. What are some other health benefits of drinking coconut milk?

Coconut milk has been connected to lowering blood pressure because of its high potassium level. Potassium also helps reduce muscle and joint inflammation and aches. Coconut milk also aids the body’s immune system by providing ample supply of vitamin C. Finally, men benefit from the high levels of zinc found in coconut milk. Zinc has been linked in promoting the health of the prostate gland, while studies have shown that zinc is also able to slow the activity of cancer cells.

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